Synth Project Draft – Kusmierz

The melodic material for this work is modeled after sixteenth-century polyphonic writing techniques. (Starting with something interesting to of course end up messing with. Do more with less) It contains three different logic imitation instruments, a B3, Clav, and vintage rhodes. The work is developed by use of real-time editing within the ES1 and ES2 plugins, editing factors such as distortion, speed, intensity, and wave form. The level of editing increases as the piece moves on to build intensity, with the more intense changes being saved for the end/climax of the piece.


Derisa’s Draft

This is the first draft for my piece “Deh Pickney dem Crying” The sounds I used were me running my fingers on the blinds in my room, a scrathing sound that was a result of me washing the pans, a trumpet, clarinet, and bussling in the practice rooms and  someone singing. I used EQ, comppression, reversing audio tracks, delay, and vocal transformer. I also tried to move the sound around so that the sound can be minipulated through the speakers in order to protray the emotoin of the piece.


Project 1, Draft 2 – Daniel Hubert

This is the second draft of my piece, now entitled; Choo – Choo. Since the first draft I have made some minor eq adjustments and added tape delay in certain areas. I have also experimented with panning and plug-in automation to adjust the location of some sounds as well as the intensity of the delay and eq effects. I have applied reversing, and cutting and splicing techniques in more areas and adjusted the arrangement of some sounds. Finally, I shortened the piece by a few measures.