Max – Download this first so you can use the EA Music Primer to reinforce material in the course. There is a version for Mac and PC.

EA Music Primer – This has everything you need to learn the basics of audio but also to mangle audio in classic tape studio style and synthesis modules.

Reaper –  a complete digital audio production application for Windows and OS X, offering a full multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering toolset. 60 Days free

Ableton Live – Live is fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance. It comes with effects, instruments, sounds and all kinds of creative features—everything you need to make any kind of music.

Crystal – Crystal is a semi-modular software synthesizer featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis. It offers abundant modulation control with over 90 parameters which may be modulated, multi-stage envelopes with graphical editors, extensive tempo sync of envelopes/lforates/delay times, built-in effects for chorus/flanging/comb filtering/echoes, and a band splitter for effects processing by frequency band. Not only that, Crystal has wave sequencing, granular synthesis, program morphing, MIDI learn, and imports soundfonts. The musical applications for Crystal are literally boundless. Crystal is a plugin, which means it runs within a host, such as Cubase, Orion, Logic, Fruity Loops, etc.

SoundHack – software born from a desire to make available more interesting, esoteric and creative tools to musicians, sound designers and audio engineers.