Electronic Music Piece Draft 1

Electronic Music piece Draft 1

J Roe

My piece was inspired by the idea of a sonic self portrait; created using the sounds of my coffee maker, opening a cupboard, practicing scales on the piano, and one guitar note.

I incorporated looping, manipulated the speeds of the sounds, and integrated directional change to create unique attacks. I also incorporated phasing to create a different texture with the piano.  I plan on experimenting more with the sounds via use of delay and gain.



Willie Nelson And Frank Sintra

This piece entitled Willie Nelson and Frank Sinatra was inspired by my two dogs whose names are Willie Nelson and Frank Sinatra. I Recorded them barking and howling. Then I manipulated the audio using reverb, loops, a phaser, reversed audio, and delay through logic. I also re amped the audio into an orange guitar amp with reverb and used a carbon copy analog delay. The book inspired me by showing me how tape loops and re amping can manipulate audio.


Taylor Neal- Project 1 First Draft

The sounds I used in this project include an out of tune acoustic guitar, an old AC unit outside, students speaking in the black box theater, shoes in a stairwell, water, a cup, and the sound of my pillow being punched.

I used methods such as looping, time fluctuation, and effects like reverb, ring modulation, EQ and compression.

The reading informed me about tape loops, and how tape was reversed and slowed down to create an entirely different sound than the original source.