Electronic Music Piece Draft 1

Electronic Music piece Draft 1

J Roe

My piece was inspired by the idea of a sonic self portrait; created using the sounds of my coffee maker, opening a cupboard, practicing scales on the piano, and one guitar note.

I incorporated looping, manipulated the speeds of the sounds, and integrated directional change to create unique attacks. I also incorporated phasing to create a different texture with the piano.  I plan on experimenting more with the sounds via use of delay and gain.



3 Replies to “Electronic Music Piece Draft 1”

  1. I really enjoyed the sounds of water coming from the coffee maker. The phaser on the piano was also really cool sounding.

  2. This is really cool. I like the cohesiveness of the sounds even though the sources are not similar. I can definitely see an image of your environment. I also like the use of reversing and speed changing techniques.

  3. I really like the palette of textures/timbres. Perhaps panning some of the sounds around more would be sweet.

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