Project Three “Draft”

This bounce is a collection of the techniques and ideas I plan on using. The synth used is a 1974 retro and it has two tracks, one which focuses on envelope changes and the other on granular synthesis techniques through Logic X’s “Alchemy.” The other “sounds” are generated from a snippet of Martin Luther King’s final speech and is real-time manipulated with envelope changes and granular synthesis, also within Alchemy. (Also music concrete techniques such as looping and splicing and reversing are used).


Synth Project Draft – Kusmierz

The melodic material for this work is modeled after sixteenth-century polyphonic writing techniques. (Starting with something interesting to of course end up messing with. Do more with less) It contains three different logic imitation instruments, a B3, Clav, and vintage rhodes. The work is developed by use of real-time editing within the ES1 and ES2 plugins, editing factors such as distortion, speed, intensity, and wave form. The level of editing increases as the piece moves on to build intensity, with the more intense changes being saved for the end/climax of the piece.


All the sounds in this project were gathered using a standard deck of playing cards and the surface of a table. The edits made include the use of fade to make smooth sounds with the “rhythmic” phrases from splits, cuts, and copies of sections of the original audio. There are parts that are stretched (changed in speed) and, especially towards the end, the use of panning is used to create a desired sound geography. Electronic reverberation is applied as well in several instances, including the final cadence of the draft.

~/)_Josh Kusmierz