Richard Roberts. Draft Project 1

For My project the piece is called Jam Bamz. It was inspired by the Music always going on in my head. I recorded myself playing trumpet, Drums, a fan, and a Random Conversation. I manipulated the audio with reverb, the Hi-Lows. I also edited one section and changed the fade out. My piece was inspired by “tape music” Vladimir Ussachevsky’s concept helped me come up with the idea of recording a fan and a conversation.


Project draft 1



This was inspired by the music that is always going on in someones head. I recorded sounds of a trumpet, drums, and a conversation. and Manipulated the loops, Re-amping the sound, and Fade in and outs. I saved the climax of the piece for the end. The book inspired me to turn the most simple sounds in to a Song/melody.

Willie Nelson And Frank Sintra

This piece entitled Willie Nelson and Frank Sinatra was inspired by my two dogs whose names are Willie Nelson and Frank Sinatra. I Recorded them barking and howling. Then I manipulated the audio using reverb, loops, a phaser, reversed audio, and delay through logic. I also re amped the audio into an orange guitar amp with reverb and used a carbon copy analog delay. The book inspired me by showing me how tape loops and re amping can manipulate audio.